So you love to fish? What Boat should you buy?

August 25, 2017
Posted by: cm2017

So, you love to fish and you have a family… what boat should you buy?

The first thing that overwhelms even the most experienced boat owner, let alone someone just getting their feet, is the question of what boat is going to give them the best bang for their buck? Especially when you’re looking for a crossover boat that does everything. You want to take the family and friends out on weekends and sneak in the solo fishing trip on the days off, and in the summer months give the kids a thrill with some wakeboarding.

Usually what happens is you end up with a boat that is either a compromise, impractical or completely out of your budget. There are a lot of solutions that end up being a ‘jack-of- all-trades and a master of none’. You could go and buy a competition bass boat, but that’s no good for moving a crowd, let alone safely towing the kids on a tube with an observer facing backwards

Quintrex have been leading a leading force in innovation for more than 70 years and their new Apex Hull Design has in many ways made the traditional bow design obsolete, turning a once underused part of the boat into an asset.

The newly released Freestyler range are the perfect boats, comfortably seating four adults with room for a picnic hamper and esky. There’s even more room for two more or people in the bow rider section.
In 20 seconds the Freestyler transforms from recreational entertainer to hardcore fishing boat. The back seat folds away, making room for two adults to fish from the rear – and using the simple drop-in centre section will turn the seating into a casting deck.


Caloundra Marine love the Apex design hull so much they have taken a great thing and made it even better, combining 25 years of record-breaking ski racing boat design with their love of fishing to build the perfect Freestyler 510 package. It’s priced at under $45,000, including a powerful factory installed 90hp E-Tec. That’s a pretty awesome price considering you get three boats in one

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You can check out the rest of Caloundra Marine’s range of Quintrex boats and Apex Hulls at their premises at 8 Baldwin St, Caloundra. For more information visit or give them a call on (07) 5491 1944.